PaperChainManagement BV (PCM) is now part of HH Global.

Transparency in the supply chain

A clear picture of possible improvements in advance.

Structurally lower costs, while the quality stays at least the same: that’s our goal! Pre-calculated cost savings and the possibility of ‘no cure no pay’ make it easy for you to join forces with us. The results are measurable: examples of our transparent process and clear system for optimising the whole supply chain.

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With a free, no-obligation PCMscan™ you will quickly have indications for optimisation and a picture of how to reduce costs. One small step…



Optimisation of the supply chain process and strategic procurement in the area of packaging and online marketing. Our experts know everything in this area.



Our unique web-based tender system quickly shows the effect of changes in your marketing programme. Difficult EU tender rules? Bring them on!



Once the costs have become transparent, this has to be translated into cost savings and perhaps also organisational changes. Converting the results of supply chain analyses into permanent structures means that actual improvements are secured. If you wish, action plans will be launched.

totale ontzorging

Total service solutions

PaperChainManagement offers services in the area of day-to-day execution. We can take care of the total supply chain – or selected parts of it – on your behalf. We provide customised solutions for this, and our reports will keep you constantly informed about the developments.

permanent monitoren

Permanent monitoring

A frequently used choice for retaining realised cost savings on a structural basis: a follow-up in the form of second opinions, annual contract reviews, advice on price developments in printing, paper costs and alternatives, etc. PaperChainManagement can increase your procurement skills by means of training and knowledge transfer, and provide tools for your organisation. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) can be concluded for this purpose.

Proven track records in the area of


Dimensions and quality that match the product.

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print folder magazines
Paper & Print

Printed promotional messages in all imaginable variants.

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point of sale materialen
Point of Sale materials

Quality that meets the standards in the store.

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marketing en communicatie
Marketing & Communication

Print and online are inseparable.

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