PaperChainManagement BV (PCM) is now part of HH Global.

Crystal-clear process

Systematic approach, clear analysis and workable solutions.

The PaperChainManagement approach is independent and flexible, with mutual trust as the main foundation. We establish in advance the basic principles of the analysis and the scope of our activities, and round off the process with the time schedule and proposals for implementation.

PaperChainManagement - Supply Chain optimalisatie
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Analyses as the starting point

PaperChainManagement works on the basis of a two-phase model:

Charting the current procedures and production methods, use of raw materials, etc., usually by means of desk research and analyses based on aggregate data.

In-depth business analyses, conducting research with our own software and calculation models, and matching with EU databases.

Our strength is that we have concepts and methods with proven track records and also the most extensive databases in Europe in the area of the printing supply chain.

Reports with practical value!

PaperChainManagement does not supply theories, but rather reports that produce results. This is why our reports are very clear and easy to read.

Reporting of analysis results: before starting any negotiations and tendering, we give a clear picture of potential cost savings across the total value chain, offer alternatives and calculate their impact on the operating result.

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The proposed solutions are workable and will fit within your organisation. The results are measureable. Not hit-and-run, but lasting gains.

Realisation and implementation

Advice, execution and conversion go hand-in-hand!

The process of converting the advice into realisation of savings can differ from one client to the next. PaperChainManagement’s advice is always:

  • workable
  • appropriate for the organisational setting
  • solution-oriented
  • measureable
  • designed to offer lasting gains

PaperChainManagement is involved with all facets. Our job has only ended when the advice has been realised in practice.

realisatie paperchainmanagement
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Follow-up for permanent cost savings!

A frequently used choice for retaining realised cost savings on a structural basis: a follow-up in the form of second opinions, annual contract reviews, advice on price developments in printing, paper costs and alternatives, etc. PaperChainManagement can increase your procurement skills by means of training and knowledge transfer, and provide tools for your organisation. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) can be concluded for this purpose.