PaperChainManagement BV (PCM) is now part of HH Global.

Our clients

Coffee cup manufacturer – Packaging

“We asked PaperChainManagement to optimise our packaging, in terms of both image and user friendliness. The result is a more efficient run on our packaging machines. An International tender request also enabled us to achieve excellent savings on our spend in the area of folding boxboard.”

Supermarket chain – Paper & Print

“In the supermarket World, changes take place fast and often, which makes short-term action crucial. PaperChainManagement supports us and can really keep pace with us, in terms of changes in the marketing calendar and extra campaigns to which consumers must be alerted, for instance with a flyer. We often challenge PCM to devise smart solutions, and feel very comfortable with our partnership.”

International retailer – Point of Sale Materials

“Our expansion made it necessary to analyse our POS package. PaperChainManagement quickly designed a tender that gave clear insight into the results. They took care of everything! We held the discussions with the suppliers together. Our new supplier provides not only lower purchase prices but also a considerable improvement in the service. The process was so transparent and efficient that we decided to ask PCM to take over our account management (linking pin) as well.”

Telecom company – Packaging

“PaperChainManagement supported us with the development of a new packaging concept. The result is successful for both sides: our customers receive a user-friendly package, while the significantly lower board consumption contributes to our sustainability objectives and reduces costs too. It’s also improved the handling within our company.”

International retail chain – Paper & Print

“We’ve been working with PCM for a long time, and to us they’re an extension of our marketing department in the area of flyers. Thanks to the order supervision, we can confidently leave these tasks to PCM and concentrate on other things. In this partnership we’re assured of optimum supervision, support in the area of information supply and the best deals.”

Cosmetics manufacturer – Packaging 

“We first asked PaperChainManagement to analyse all our packaging materials, which involves flexible packaging, folding boxboard product packaging and the outer boxes. PCM found that our conditions for the outer boxes were excellent, which was good confirmation for us that we were doing it right. However, we agreed to request new tenders for the folding boxboard, which resulted in cost savings. PCM’s pragmatic approach helped to clarify it all for us; why make things difficult if they can be simpler! No hidden agenda, excellent results under highly acceptable conditions.”

Vegetable, fruit and garden grower – Packaging

“PaperChainManagement’s approach stands out from other firms. First PCM analysed our packaging, in combination with the workflow. Thanks to their packaging expert’s recommendations, we can process and package our products better. PCM regularly updated us on the tender process. No unnecessary meetings, but decisiveness and structure. ‘No cure no pay’ resulted in a completely reasonable fee. No surprises afterwards, so it’s well worth repeating the experience. And we can always ask questions without immediately receiving a bill: good customer relations and service.”

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