PaperChainManagement BV (PCM) is now part of HH Global.

Just leave it all to us

Customised by experts, on demand.

You can leave the work to us with confidence. We like to find solutions and assist you with the organisation of procurement, marketing and execution in a broad field: from paper & print and packaging to point of sale. You only pay for the aspects of service that you think are needed; on demand. For these customised solutions we will, if necessary, call upon our International network of connected experts, which draws together a broad knowledge.

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Print and paper

PaperChainManagement supports its clients with the procurement of print and paper. Optimisation is always our main goal; whether in terms of costs or consumption. We can provide you with advice and assistance in these day-to-day activities.

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Marketing communication

The PaperChainManagement experts, with their broad knowledge and expertise, can help you to implement your marketing plans. Our analyses and reports are always oriented on practice and can be converted directly into action plans.

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Packaging and point of sale materials

PaperChainManagement’s packaging and point of sale experts will often suggest surprising solutions for complex issues of logistics and distribution. This extensive knowledge and experience are the tools we use to create value for our clients.

We offer total service solutions

The PaperChainManagement experts can take over clients’ day-to-day concerns in many crucial areas. Among the most important, we include:

  • communicatie drukkers
    Communication with printers
  • know how
    Know-how centre
  • orderbegeleiding
    Order supervision
  • Communication and coordination of distribution
  • Cost control
  • helpdesk
  • projectplanning
    Project planning
  • financiele controle
    Financial control
  • communicatie leveranciers
    Communication with suppliers
  • kwaliteitscontrole
    Quality control