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Gains from optimising procurement of corrugated board boxes

Partly as a result of rapidly growing webshop sales, outer (corrugated board) boxes are becoming increasingly important. We know from experience that much can be gained in the area of tertiary packaging. A thorough analysis of the raw materials and processing / printing quickly gives insight into the possibilities for optimisation, on the basis of specifications. Quantities are combined, alternatives are offered.

An outer box must be strong enough to effectively protect the product, but must also showcase your company’s image. We strive to implement the most efficient use, with the aim of improving your profitability. The right sized box which matches the product. And you also reduce air pollution due to air displacement with over-sized packaging!

Secondary packaging, an underestimated phenomenon

In the case of private label products, the secondary packaging is often an underestimated phenomenon. Our thorough analysis show time after time, that absolute cost savings are possible if you choose the packaging yourself. You can do this in collaboration with the supplier of the private label product and/or the fulfilment company. We like to explain that you can achieve significant cost savings by taking a fresh look at packaging. The many International options offer opportunities to cut costs, while the quality stays at least the same.

An initial no-obligation PCMscan™ of the secondary packaging of your private label products will quickly provide insight. But in fact we already know: you can make significant savings with no extra effort on your part.