PaperChainManagement BV (PCM) is now part of HH Global.

Know-How Centre

PaperChainManagement constantly collects information about price developments, capacity changes and competition between International suppliers. These research results form an important foundation for the PaperChainManagement databases.

Research and industry studies

This usually involves research and studies on developments in the areas of production possibilities and raw materials markets. Based on the results of our studies, clients can make choices relating to procurement and outsourcing of their marketing productions.

PaperChainManagement periodically reports its research results in the form of newsletters about recent developments in raw materials markets and market trends.

Benchmark studies

At the request of clients, PaperChainManagement conducts benchmark studies on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), especially current price and consumption parameters, with the aim of achieving optimisation of strategic procurement. In these studies, PaperChainManagement often analyses the KPI levels in various countries.